3RPC Incorporated, as a major fundraiser provide an outstanding Bingo night, every Thursday night, at the Fawthrop Centre, Hood Street, Portland.  Jackpot the first Thursday of the month. Doors open at 7.00pm and it’s eyes down at 8.00pm.  Fabulous prizes.  Chocolates and lollies.  Refreshments  are available.  


Join the 3RPC Bingo team! Fun, friends and giving a little bit back to your community –
a small contribution of your time for a big return to the Bingo Team.
There’s a six-week roster, so you have plenty of choice to put your name down to help as:

• Runner
• Caller
• Setting up
• Packing up
• Chocolate sales
• On the door
• Emergency fill-in

 Email for more Information