Volunteers Wanted

Being operated entirely by volunteers, 3RPC Incorporated is always looking for helpers.
2 or 3 hours per week is all that is needed and with enough volunteers we can arrange a roster.

Where are they needed?

  • On air presenting – putting a program to air, training conducted on one on one basis, as and when required, most presenters put a 2 hour program to air per week.
  • Bingo – callers, runners, general helpers
  • Production – voice-overs for promos and sponsorship reads needed, you have to feel comfortable whilst reading these promos. 
    Writing scripts for these promos, organising voices and music.  
    If you think you maybe able to do a voice-over read the following promo out loud (it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right the first time, some promos are read several times before we get a good read). 
    These promos when editing is completed are played over air:-

  • Outside broadcasts – We currently put to air live broadcasts of the Australian Day service, ANZAC day and commemorations, volunteers are always needed to help with these broadcasts.

  • If you would like to help, we can train you in office procedures, on air presenting, bingo, production work and outside broadcasts.

    Email for more Information or you can ring us on 5523 4333
    Office hours are 9am until 1 pm Monday
    Our office and studio complex is located on the corner of Julia and Richmond Streets Portland 3305