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From1979 to Today

Community radio is run by the community for the community – volunteer power and wide ranging musical tastes and programming possibilities.

Community radio was born in Adelaide in the early 1970’s  and  enthusiastically taken up by many groups,  towns and suburbs.

Enthusiastic Portland radio fans were amongst them, forming a committee in 1979 to start 3RPC.


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Many hundreds of people have been involved with 3RPC.  This might be you or a relative? 
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Transmitter hut

Laying the foundations for the Transmitter Hut on Mt Clay, 1984.

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Mt Clay


Ian Worley


Leo Worley broadcasting from Studio One of 3RPC's studios, built at the back of the Old Post Office, Bentinck Street, Portland.

This was home from 1983 - 1996.


3RPC moves into its permanent home, the Ruth Martin Memorial Building,

in 1996.


Studio One ready for action.


The Richmond Street entrance, Ruth Martin Memorial Building



3RPC outside




3 Victorian radio call sign




Some Statistics

3RPC is licensed to broadcast from Mt Clay reaching out to Hamilton, Nelson and Port Fairy. We also stream live via our website,, so no matter we you are, you can always listen in


Test broadcasting in 1980 and 1981

Mt Clay Telecom Tower provides a home for our aerial and transmitter

“In fact we were the first private organization ever to obtain permission to share the tower with The Department of Communications [who own the installation], and Telstra [who lease the installation].”  Barrie Hayman


Memorable Moments

Memorable Programs
Keeping Afloat
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The Premier of Victoria, The Honourable John Cain, officially opened Studio 2 in the Old Post Office, on 25th June 1986. He became the first Premier of Victoria  / Panel Operator, by mixing “Barb’s Roundabout” (Presenter Barb Yuill) from the panel operator’s chair in Studio 2 for almost an hour.
Barb Yuill
11996 -onwards

The Ruth Martin Memorial Building - Our permanent home after moves from Mac's Hotel and the back of the Old Post 1996.

Julia Street Facade - A sorry State!

Julia Street


Studio installation - Jenny Brydson considering wiring problems.


!Studio 2 and Jenny Brydson


Opening Night, 27 August 1998- Mayor Frank Zeigler, Des Davis, Ray Jones - are you there? Let us know and we can add to our captions


Opening night





Our first Street Broadcast - Ruth Martin Memorial Building Foyer - Ewan Grant and Vesper Carlson getting ready. This studio was set up where our Richmond Street foyer is now.

Studio in Foyer


Memorable Moments
Keeping Afloat
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Memorable programs ... what a fount of talent we have, and have had, in our presenters.

  • The Radio Literacy Hour drew in people with literacy problems and 1989 won a "Certificate of Merit" from the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia BASF sponsored Award for Excellence - Best Educational Programs.. Presenters involved were Jeanette Brennan, Shirley Emberson, Adrian Lawson, Jan Kittson, Iain Grant and Betty Lander.
  • John Wilson presented Serenades and Symphonies for 23 years, only finishing up in 2013.
  • Kyeema Kapers, panelled by a variety of presenters, allowed people from Kyeema Disabilities to present their music choices. 3RPC won an award from the Victorian Government Disabiliy sector in 2001, for meritorious services to the disabled.
  • Willo, Keith Wilson, had the sporting listeners captive for 26 years with his Saturday Sports Program. He retired in 2013. Listeners will also remember Willo's Waffle amongst many of his programs.

Memorable Moments
Memorable Programs
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Keeping Afloat

3RPC has had some very inventive ideas to fundraise. Keeping 3RPC on air costs over $70,000 a year.

Here is how we do it, but it needs constant work..

1. We are volunteers and give our time and efforts to 3RPC because we love community radio.

2. Your membership counts! Support us now.

3. Sponsoring 3RPC counts. Find out more

How else has 3RPC raised funds?

  • Donations - send a donation today and give us your support.
  • Grants

    - Community Broadcasting Foundation

  •     -  Glenelg Shire Council

  •     -  Alcoa

    - Department of Health - Ageing and Aged Care
  • Bingo – with Portland Neighbourhood House
  • Raffles

        -  Outstanding work from many members, but Syd Cuffe and Willo probably take out "Best Performers".

    - Ian Rankin’s Christmas  Cakes. Remember them? Works of Art!

  • One-Off events – Jazz parties, balls, theatre nights, 24 hour marathons, the Young Presenters "Over-Nighter"
Portland Harbour



3RPC is indebted to life members Anne and Iain Grant who compiled the History of 3RPC Part 1 1979 to 2002 (c), and provided photographs and background material for this page and other website material.. .



(c) 3RPC Incorporated 2013. Photographs supplied by Viv Aroin, Ian Harris, Hilary Endacott, Steve Robertson and many past 3RPC members. If you can identify a photo you have taken, please let us know and we can acknowledge this.