Every day, 3RPC listeners can hear general matters relating to
the Portland and District broadcast area.


- Forecast and warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology on the hour.
- Coastal waters forecasts - 6.20am,1.15pm, 7.20pm, 11.30pm.

Community Information

- Lost and Found - phone 3RPC-FM (5523 4333) for an immediate broadcast and then daily around 9.15am 1.40pm and 9.15pm.
- School children + driver reminder messages - term times, morning and afternoon.
- Shire emergency infomation when relevent - via the Police, CFA, DSE, Port of Portland, Industry, etc.

Community Service Announcements

- Long-term pre-recorded announcements, broadcast at various times daily.
- Infomation about Community Groups who are 3RPC members.
- Short-term coming events in the community, read twice a day, 8.15-8.30am and 9.30pm


Program Guide